WEKLEAN uses the ifeelgoods API solution to reward participants for their commitment to the environment.
Use case Weklean
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Use case Weklean
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WEKLEAN is the first application to organize Citizen Clean-ups (Klean-Up) or Citizen Walks (Klean-Walk) while rewarding participants.

It brings together local authorities, professionals and the general public to facilitate clean-up initiatives. These tailor-made events mobilize collective action to preserve the environment.

Solution choisie :

API Ifeelgoods

this solution?

WEKLEAN needed a solution that would boost its customers' purchasing power and reward them for their commitment to the environment.

The Ifeelgoods API solution, a 100% customizable catalog, has enabled Weklean to offer a range of rewards within its app that are consistent with its values: "Eco-responsible" and "Made in France".

Customer testimonial

Thanks to the Ifeelgoods API, WeKlean has the perfect technological solution for distributing gift cards to citizens committed to the planet.

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