multi-brand gift card

The multi-brand gift card that lets you offer your beneficiaries the widest choice. It's the perfect gift for your employee incentive or reward programs.

The advantages of multi-brand card

Improve customer retention
with MaCarteCadeau :

The MaCarteCadeau card is a valuable asset for strengthening customer retention. By offering your customers our card, which lets them choose from a wide range of brands and services, you demonstrate the importance you attach to their loyalty.

This personalization creates a strong bond with your brand, encouraging customers to remain engaged and loyal. MaCarteCadeau cards can be used to reward different levels of customer engagement, reinforcing long-term loyalty.

Boost your employees' motivation
with MaCarteCadeau :

The MaCarteCadeau card represents a powerful lever for motivating and rewarding your employees in a significant way. By offering them these gift cards, you give them the opportunity to choose gifts that have real value for them. This personalized approach boosts motivation, morale and commitment to work, and can help reduce staff turnover...

MaCarteCadeau cards can be used to recognize outstanding performance, achieve specific goals or celebrate company anniversaries.

Beneficiary satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed
with MaCarteCadeau :

The MaCarteCadeau card ensures beneficiary satisfaction. By giving them a variety of options to choose from, you ensure that the gift is tailored to their tastes and needs.

This avoids ill-chosen gifts and unwanted returns. Recipients appreciate the flexibility and freedom offered by the MaCarteCadeau card, which positively reinforces their perception of your company.

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