Club avantages & white-label stores

Offer your members and beneficiaries a unique range of branded rewards.

Visual store dedicated ifeelgoods

Build customer loyalty

Offer your customers an immersive experience in your brand's universe without any internal management (contracting, development, invoicing, inventory management, etc.).

A Plug & Play solution

Mockup store interface ifeelgoods

No technical integration required (eshop, PSP, hosting, personal data management...)

A customizable catalog without inventory management

Customer support management by our teams

Your own branded or co-branded boutique

Case studies: dedicated boutiques

Shall we talk about it?

Tell us what you need, and we'll find the best solution for you.

They use the

Discover our other solutions

API ifeelgoods

Quick and easy technical integration to connect our catalog to your digital gift program.

Ifeelgoods API Mockup
Ifeelgoods email/SMS campaign mockup

Bundling platform

Fast, personalized delivery of digital gifts by SMS and/or e-mail.