Société Générale

Société Générale is using our white-label "dedicated store" solution to offer its customers an advantageous store.
Use case Société Générale
Société Générale logo
Use case Société Générale
Société Générale logo


Société Générale is one of France's oldest financial services groups. They have over 25 million customers and are present in 66 countries.

Their ambition is to continue to play a leading role in the positive transformation of the world.

One of Société Générale's missions is to protect and support its customers in their daily lives and activities.

Solution choisie :

Dedicated stores

this solution?

Société Générale has created the Cashback SG loyalty program, an offer that combines a number of advantages and enhances the purchasing power of its customers.

That's where Ifeelgoods came in. We set up a white-label benefits store, a completely closed site accessible only to SG customers.

Numerous brands such as IKEA, Carrefour, Fnac and Truffaut, among others, are participating so that SG customers can enjoy an immediate discount on the purchase of a gift card.

Société Générale partnered with ifeelgoods because we offer a catalog of over 350 brands and an immersive experience, without any internal management on their part.

Customer testimonial

We're delighted to work with our e-card partner ifeelgoods. A dynamic and efficient collaboration.

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