Maslo rewards and motivates its teams with our bulk mailing platform.
Use case Maslo
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Use case Maslo
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Maslo is a sales challenge and remote management application available in 29 countries.

It aims to motivate sales teams by using game mechanisms to encourage the achievement of sales objectives, salesperson commitment and improved performance.

The rewards earned through their challenges give access to a catalog of over 30,000 gift items.

Solution choisie :

Email/sms campaign

this solution?

The flexibility offered by the Ifeelgoods self-service platform is an essential criterion for our customer Maslo.

This tailor-made solution lets you build and personalize rewards to suit your needs.

MASLO works autonomously on the Ifeelgoods platform, thanks to ready-to-use functions that are immediately accessible.

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ifeelgoods is an adaptive solution that is constantly evolving. The team is friendly, available and efficient.

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