You’re the One That I Want: 5 Ways Digital Rewards Are Taking Over

You’re the One That I Want: 5 Ways Digital Rewards Are Taking Over
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In a world of endless iPhone notifications, Foursquare check ins and Instagram mania, it’s no wonder why consumers can often feel overwhelmed with information. Spoiled for choice at an influx of digital marketing offers cropping up everywhere, being able to actually find a way to connect with your target audience—to tailor your product to their specific wants and needs—had become a rarity, a thing of wonder.

Until the digital rewards market began to slowly creep onto the scene, that is. Its initial premise was a tried and tired one—for instance, every subscription to a certain magazine would offer a gift card—well-known by consumers everywhere. What makes this niche market so astonishing, however, is its resilience, its ability to evolve as quickly as its environment. With the new digital era taking helm, digital rewards have begun to advance in incredulous ways to reflect the actual wants and needs of their audiences, harnessing new and unique ways to connect with people that go beyond generic mass marketing schemes.

But don’t just take our word for it, either. Here are a few reasons why today’s digital rewards market is sending conventional online marketing back into the Stone Age:

1) It’s designed just for you:

There are only so many times someone can be solicited with a seemingly endless array of coupons, junk mail and “special” one time offers before they throw in the towel, and that’s for good reason. What was once accepted as a common yet unfortunate nuance of everyday life—the spam of generic marketing—has now began to take a backseat to specialized bespoke offers.

Digital rewards markets are designed with the end-consumer in mind, meaning that they exist to ensure that their rewards are of the most value to a specific clientele. This is usually done through careful information gathering so that instead of stocking up reward points to use at a later date for a promotion you may not even need, you’ll be getting a free movie rental instead—things that can be accessed instantly (and who doesn’t love instant streaming?)

2) Just a click away

Because the consumer’s needs are taken into account first and foremost, the offers presented to them are actually relevant to their lives, meaning that instead of instantly clicking out of that pesky “spam” link, you’ll be far more likely to actually (gasp) want to click on it this time. With significantly improved click through rates, everyone’s happy—the company, the consumer, and yes, even you at home with your movie.

3) You can take it with you

With digital rewards spanning across dozens of platforms everywhere, it’s no small wonder that they’re addictive. All it takes is a simple swipe and, bam, you can sink your teeth into great offers that reward you for both online purchases and real-time activity, letting each benefit the other and finally getting those free airline miles (whoa) whenever you check-in at an airport. Neat, huh?

4) Instant gratification

Gone are the days where you would spend ages toiling away, saving up for what seemed like a lifetime in order to finally redeem your “rewards points.” Now it’s all digital, meaning you can go from zero to a hero racking in gift cards just like that. No muss, no fuss—it’s almost as if this is what a rewards system was meant to be like.

5) Sharing is caring

Not only do digital rewards generate valuable word of mouth recommendations, but it’s also a system which seamlessly continues to perpetuate itself. As consumers find themselves rewarded for their referrals, they’ll rack up rewards, too, proving that in fact sharing is caring just like mother said so.

It’s easy to see why the new world of digital rewards systems are rapidly encroaching on traditional marketing tactics—they’re tailored to their consumers’ desires. From the interface to the reward options, every aspect of rewards systems are designed with user compatibility in mind, creating consumers who are constantly engaged in their own rewards programs. It’s a system that does away with commodified, blanket marketing in favor of the bespoke, in favor of enjoying life’s little pleasures and surprise wins, helping to keep busy people happy on the go.

by Janelle Albukhari