The Power of Emotional Branding

The Power of Emotional Branding
Learn how to create an emotional experience for your audiences

How to Leave a Mark: The Power of Emotional Experiences in Digital Advertising

A discussion on the nature of emotional branding, aka the motivation, strategies and digital advertising techniques that go into creating lifelong customers.

Remember those old Coke ads with the polar bears and penguins dancing together? There’s a good chance you might—after all, you don’t see that sort of thing every day—but for what reason, exactly? Maybe it’s the catchy holiday tune, set to the Beach Boys’ jolly “Little Saint Nick”, or maybe it’s simply just the whimsy of the premise; either way, it goes without saying that Coca Cola’s seemed to master the art of creating memorable ads.

Coca Cola Christmas Ad

Coca Cola Christmas Ad

So what is it about Coca Cola that gives their ad campaigns such tremendous lasting power?

It’s love, of course, synthesized into the perfect stream of what we call “emotional branding”, and it’s the key difference between soon-to-be-forgotten companies and those timeless giants we’ve all come to know and love.

Therein lies the challenge of the marketer, who must grapple with this question in every step of his ad campaign; namely: how can I successfully instill a feeling of “love” for my company among my clients?

“Emotional branding” is by no means a recent innovation; it’s been around since the dawn of advertising and it’s here to stay, making appearances in every memorable ad campaign from Coke to Nike. It’s a concept designed to instill powerful sentimental feelings towards the company in the client, defined by University of Wollongong’s John Rossiter as “…the consumer’s attachment of a strong, specific, usage-relevant emotion—such as Bonding, Companionship, or Love—to the brand.”

It’s a ubiquitous idea that envelops mainstream culture, and it’s easy to see why. The power of emotional branding lies in the fact that it successfully instills a feeling of loyalty within a customer, making it far more likely for consumers to become lifelong buyers. And while the resulting feelings of loyalty may be sincere, their origin lies in a far more cultivated approach—namely, the ability to make and create lasting experiences.

In this vein, Ifeelgoods takes pride in the fact that we’re not only a product based company—we’re experience based. With a catalog of over 100,000 different types of rewards, our clients can not only choose to offer their customers virtually any reward their heart desires, but can implement their campaign in a myriad of playful, personalized settings tailored to their every need. Want to set up an email based rewards system for loyal subscribers? Done. Or how about offering a little something to any customer who checks in to your business? Just say the word and we’re there.

It’s the kind of philosophy we’re committed to keeping—the idea of the experience. With our state of the art digital platform, it’s easier than ever to live large and create campaigns based in the idea of making memories, using every aspect of day-to-day life to create a seamless rewards program designed with the user in mind. Think digital rewards gone wild, all executed neatly through a cutting edge platform that shows just how far digital branding has evolved—and continues to evolve—everyday.

Coke Loyalty Program

Coke Loyalty Program

We’re so crazy for our customers that we’ve even partnered up with the infamous Coke themselves, handing out instant digital rewards (Google Play gift cards, anyone?) in exchange for those little Coke caps, sending typical reward redemption rates through the roof. And because our digital rewards are instantaneous, they perpetuate themselves effortlessly through friend recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing, allowing everyone to reap in the sweet, sweet digital deals.

It’s the kind of business strategy we like to think separates the rookies from the champions, the Nikes from the knockoffs, the Marlon Brandos from the Justin Biebers—a business based in both love and loyalty.

Janelle Albukhari