Enhance consumer path to purchase by coupling in-store products with premium digital gifts that consumers can redeem online right after purchase.

Leverage low-cost rewards with high-perceived value such as downloadable songs or games to negotiate better in-store visibility with retailers and successfully trigger purchase at point of sale.

Shoppers will be able to instantly redeem gifts on any device following a purchase in one of two ways:

  • On-pack promotions:Consumers can redeem rewards by entering the unique code displayed on the product into a specified website.
  • Mobile Payment:An email with a link to redeem the gift will be sent to users immediately following an in-store purchase via a mobile app such as PayPal Here.

Key Benefits

  • Increased distribution

    Negotiate better in-store visibility with retailers.

  • Lowered Production Costs

    Increase ROI by leveraging low cost rewards with high perceived value.

  • Improved CRM

    Gather valuable insights on customers to further improve their experience with your brand.

  • Shareability

    60% of rewarded consumers typically share the offer with friends on social networks.

How it works

  • Customers can instantaneously redeem their rewards following a purchase across any device.
  • Users can then share the offers with their friends on social networks.

Ready to Get Started?

Choose the way you would like to reward your customers

  • Purchase Rewards Directly

    Manage the Code distribution on your own.

  • App Store

    Use one of our integrated apps or a generic solution to deliver rewards.

    • In-store Payment with PayPal Here
  • Want more info?

    If you have any special request or want more information about reward delivery just contact us.

Case Study: KitKat

Drive In Store Purchases with On Pack Promo

  • Step 1

    Find a KitKat bar at your local KitKat bar provider.

  • Step 2

    Check inside the wrapper for a delicious 9-digit PIN code.

  • Step 3

    Enter the PIN code for the chance to win a $5 Google Play Code.

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