Craft and deliver any campaign using Ifeelgoods’ catalog of over 100,000 alluring digital rewards.

Available content includes music, movies, games, newsletter subscriptions, gift cards and much more from all the most prestigious brands such as iTunes, NYTimes and Amazon.

Order files of unique redemption links leading to a hosted redemption experience customized to your brand's look and feel.

Leverage breakage, harvest rich customer data and benefit from the Ifeelgoods advanced fraud prevention system.

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Key Benefits

  • Endless Possibilities

    Tap into Ifeelgoods’ limitless catalog of 100,000 digital gifts

  • Leverage Breakage

    Pay only for the codes redeemed by end-consumers.

  • Harvest Rich Data

    Collect user email information and Facebook data via authentication systems.

  • Fraud Prevention System

    Designed to protect you and your customers.

How it works

  • The consumer receives an email with a link to redeem their reward.
  • He then authenticates via Facebook or email.
  • Finally the user receives the code and can share it to their friends on social networks.

Ready to Get Started?

Choose the way you would like to reward your customers

  • Purchase Rewards Directly

    Manage the Code distribution on your own.

  • Want more info?

    If you have any special request or want more information about reward delivery just contact us.