Leverage branded social games to reach out to an increasing number of gaming inclined consumers.

Tap into Ifeelgoods selection of tailored social games customizable to your brand unique image and values, and digitally reward players to boost brand engagement and virality.

Games include Flappy Bird, Personality Test, Photo Contest, Memory, Puzzle Game, Scratch-off Game, Sweepstake, Social Strength as well as Video Contest and more.

Key Benefits

  • Mobile first

    Connect with your audience through mobile games.

  • Viral Content

    Boost viral potential by inviting players to share their scores with friends.

  • Turn-key Solutions

    Enjoy an end-to-end solution with faster go-to-market approach.

  • Improved CRM

    Improve user collection data through a customizable form (name, email, gender, interests, etc.)

How it works

  • Users download the app and play the game, promoting your brand all the while.
  • Players are instantly rewarded with the digital content of their choice once they win.
  • Players are invited to share their score to their friends across social networks.

Ready to Get Started?

Choose the way you would like to reward your customers

  • Purchase Rewards Directly

    Manage the Code distribution on your own.

  • App Store

    Use one of our integrated apps or a generic solution to deliver rewards.

    • Instagram Contest
    • Calendar Wins
    • Photo Contest
    • Video Contest
    • Flappy bird
    • Instant win
    • Sweepstake
    • Scratch off game
    • The Price is Right
    • Quiz
    • Fortune Wheel
    • Puzzle Game
    • Personality test
    • Lottery
    • 2048 Game
    • Slot Machine
  • Want more info?

    If you have any special request or want more information about reward delivery just contact us.