Supercharge your click-through-rates and conversion rates by offering personalized e-gifts.
Offer last Oscar movies to movie fans, airline miles to globe travelers and much more!

Match consumers with compelling gifts based on context, demographics and devices, and push the most performing offers through A/B testing.

Ad campaigns with attached rewards can be executed through any advertising channels including:

  • Facebook ads:Match rewards to your audience Facebook likes.
  • Google Ads:Pair up audiences’ interests, demographics & devices with the perfect present.
  • Display Ads:Test out a series of gifts to discover the most performing promotion.
  • Retargeting:Display the right product to the right person with the right promotion.
  • Affiliate Marketing:Create unique offers that match your publisher audiences.

Key Benefits

  • Increased CTR

    Relevant, targeted reward offers yield 2-3x the CTR of equivalent cash discount offers.

  • Optimized Banners

    Fully leverage existing advertising testing capabilities by simultaneously monitoring dozens of promotional offers.

  • Personalized Offers

    Instantly delight recipients with loveable gifts.

  • Viral Potential

    60% of consumers share the offer with their friends, driving 30% of incremental traffic.

How it works

  • Consumer sees promotional ad offering a digital reward with purchase.
  • After purchase, consumers can redeem the gift associated to the ad clicked.
  • Consumers can share the offer with their friends on their preferred networks.

Ready to Get Started?

Choose the way you would like to reward your customers

  • Purchase Rewards Directly

    Manage the Code distribution on your own.

  • App Store

    Use one of our integrated apps or a generic solution to deliver rewards.

    • Google AdWords
    • CJ Affiliate
  • Want more info?

    If you have any special request or want more information about reward delivery just contact us.

Case Study: 1800 Flowers

Increase ad engagement with iTunes Codes

  • 227 000


  • 16K+

    orders generated

  • CTR X12

    with iTunes Incentive
    vs. Control Ad

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