How to launch a shopper marketing campaign with rewards?

How to launch a shopper marketing campaign with rewards?
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How to launch a successful shopper marketing campaign with digital rewards?

Bundling your products in-store with digital rewards can successfully help you bridge the gap between the offline and the online worlds. As an example, running a promotion offering a free song with a purchase will help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Better engage consumers in-store with exciting e-gifts they are craving for
  • Stand out of your competitors at point-of-sales and negotiate better visibility with distributors
  • Collect consumer email addresses and other valuable information to further engage with them online
  • Boost words of mouth marketing by inviting shoppers to share the offers to their friends on social networks

Thanks to the Ifeelgoods Shopper Marketing Solution, you can easily set up, launch and monitor an in-store promotion offering digital rewards. With the Ifeelgoods turnkey platform, you can launch this type of campaign within only 2 weeks.

We’ve detailed below all the steps to run a successful shopper marketing campaign with digital rewards:

1/ Know your target audience well
Before designing the promotion, it's important to have a clear vision of who your audience really is: what are their demographics, what do they like, how often do they use their smartphones etc. Digital rewards promotions work especially well for digital native millennials.

2/ Select the most appealing reward(s)
Once you have a good idea of who your target is, you need to find the right reward to successfully seduce them. To do so, make sure to:

  • Find the good denomination according to your promotion budget. The best thing about digital rewards is that you can find denominations from $1 (such as a song or an app) to $25 and more. Usually, the reward cost would account for 10% of the product price.
  • Pick a reward that will successfully seduce your target. You can also pre-select up to 50 rewards and let the final users choose the reward they like the most.

3/ Link the on-pack codes with the digital rewards codes
You have to print unique codes on the pack of each of your product. But to prevent any fraudulent activities, those primary codes can not be the codes of the digital gifts. Ifeelgoods platform can match your batch of on-pack primary codes to one unique digital reward code - and this for any type of rewards you'd like.

4/ Customize the user flow to your look and feel
You can design the user flow to redeem the rewards directly within the Ifeelgoods platform. You can upload the creative you'd like in the background, and set up the right language. Thus, you'll invite your end-consumer to a branded experience that they'll never forget.

5/ Set up the fraud level
You can select the most appropriate fraud level to meet your business objectives. A strong fraud level will prevent any fraudulent users. But it might also stop legitimate user to redeem their reward in another country.

6/ Choose authentication options
You can select a few options: email, Facebook connect or Google Connect. This choice will impact on:

  • The extent of user data you'll collect (for instance, data from the whole Facebook social graph if you set Facebook Connect)
  • The restriction you want to have (do you want to reward only people with a Facebook account or not)

7/ Select sharing options
If you want your campaign to become viral online, you can invite the rewarded consumer to share the offer on social networks or via email with their friends.
Usually, when this option is selected, 60% of the rewarded users will share the offer!

By using the Ifeelgoods platform to implement your shopper marketing campaign, you'll spare yourself a lot of hassle: no integration, no development, no reward stock, no consumer support - Ifeelgoods takes care of EVERYTHING. We’re proud to implement rewards campaigns within 48 hours.

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