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Unlock & Scale digital rewards and content distribution.

Seamlessly deliver your digital content
and rewards for B2B opportunities

Ifeelgoods, provides access to the largest catalog of digital rewards in the world, aggregating over 100,000 gifts used for marketing campaigns by the largest brands and agencies worldwide.

Following the success of Ifeelgoods catalog, Ifeelgoods has developed its B2B Sales Manager to further help brands manage and optimize the distribution of rewards to B2B customers.
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One single listing for all B2B delivery options

Deliver your digital rewards
and content for marketing promotions,
customer acquisition, loyalty rewards,
employee rewards and more.


Worldwide Exposure

Benefit from a worldwide
exposure & distribution in 30+
countries to leading brands & agencies.

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Distribution through 40+ apps

Distribute your digital content
and rewards seamlessly through
productivity and CRM apps
such as Zendesk, Salesforce
and Mailchimp.

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Customized Web Portals

Enjoy a customized web portal
allowing you to easily distribute
rewards and generate incoming
B2B campaigns and programs.

See examples of our B2B Sales Manager web portal:

Tools to Manage
Digital Distribution

Access tools and services to
expedite the management and
execution of digital campaigns,
decreasing time to market.


Full services

Let Ifeelgoods’ dedicated account manager monitor your campaigns while our sales team promotes your rewards, all the while enjoying the best-in-class consumer support available.

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Ifeelgoods Products & Services

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