Digital Rewards Platform

Ifeelgoods connects brands and reward providers to make rewarding seamless.

Enjoy Ifeelgoods’ cutting edge technology

Ifeelgoods Digital Rewards Platform

Inventory Management:

  • Support for diverse types of Reward codes, Gift cards
    and Digital content from different Providers
  • Direct Integrations with Reward Providers for on-demand
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting on inventory levels
  • Leverage Provider APIs to offer “infinite” inventory
  • Optimize Reward costs by enabling multiple suppliers


Campaign Management:

  • Mix & Match reward types in a single campaign
  • Multi-language support (including Asian Languages)
  • Real-timeAnalytics
  • Fraud Detection
  • Rich Set of Campaign Rules and Restrictions (country, dates, etc)


  • Secure Storage of Rewards
  • Secure Delivery of Rewards
  • Full Traceability of Rewards
  • HTTPS/SSL for all platform services

Open & Scalable:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Fully featured modern APIs with developer friendly tools
  • Scales to Millions of delivered rewards
  • Auto-scales based on load

Ifeelgoods’ digital rewards platform combines
ease of use with enterprise-class features:

For Brands & Agencies

  • Wizard-based promotion setup and configuration
  • Wysiwyg user flow customization
  • Role-based interface in platform tools
  • Customer support tools

For Reward Providers

  • Rich structured catalog
  • Large set of reward distribution channels
    packaged as ready-to-use experiences
  • Easy reward upload

For Developers

  • Simple and flexible API
  • Developer dashboard
  • Rich documentation with relevant examples

For more informations, go to our Developer portal