Loyalty Strategy of Ifeelgoods’ API Solution

Loyalty Strategy of Ifeelgoods’ API Solution
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Loyalty Strategy of Ifeelgoods’ API Solution: Immediate and Relevant Downloadable Rewards

Ifeelgoods, a leader in digital distribution of branded rewards, recently launched a digital rewards fulfillment API whereby brands and apps can automate and streamline rewarding users for acquisition or engagement purposes, in any vertical: Loyalty, advertising, ecommerce, branded games, and social media.

Marketers can deliver their choice of rewards on demand from Ifeelgoods’ wide catalog of more than 100,000 downloadable gifts with content, including music, movies, e-books, games and e-gift cards.

Jump Ramp Games, a mobile gaming company, has integrated with Ifeelgoods’ API to boost customer engagement of its Lucktastic game. Lucktastic’s winners can exchange tokens for real rewards within the app. Once they have picked a gift featured on the game’s internal catalog of gifts, they receive an email with the code to redeem their reward. Ifeelgoods’ platform delivers the email instantly on successful redemption and provides all the reward details such as name, creative, description, redemption instructions, and T&Cs.

Ifeelgoods CEO Michael Amar participated in an interview with Loyalty360 to discuss the launch and its effect on brand loyalty, customer engagement, and customer experience.

What prompted Ifeelgoods to launch a digital rewards fulfillment API that will unlock on-demand e-gifting?

Ifeelgoods had already developed a scalable and robust digital rewards platform over the past four years that enables our clients to create turnkey campaigns delivering e-gifts to their end customers. The feedback from our clients was that they were really happy with the innovative technology and features and, in light of this, some of them requested us to build an API to further automate the process of rewarding their audiences for multiple reasons.

How will this impact brands, customers, customer engagement and customer experience?

The direct impact will primarily be on brands and apps in the sense that they are able to enrich their existing business and services with a “rewarding feature” as easily and seamlessly as possible. By providing a unique online gifting experience to their user base, end consumers are instantly gratified with a gift they love, which strongly cements their loyalty to the brand and thereby reinforces engagement and build a positive experience.

Does this fit with brands with a heavy mobile and/or gamification investment?

Yes, it’s totally true. Our solution is an alternative to brands looking to engage customers with means other than traditional discounts, coupons, or generic physical gifts. We provide them with their choice of digital incentives among a catalog of 100,000-plus downloadable gifts. With many of our clients, we’ve seen that a $1 song was more engaging than a $10 discount, due to higher perceived value.

How have customer expectations changed in recent years and how have they impacted the loyalty industry?

We’re in the era of instant gratification. Customers expect everything right here, right now. This is the same for loyalty. At Ifeelgoods, we deeply believe that the loyalty industry should evolve to an instant-gratification model with digital rewards and replace points loyalty systems based on the traditional big prizes—that consumers often never reach—with cross-channel small tokens of appreciations, as frequently as possible. To me, driving positively associated actions and creating repetition are the key secrets to building strong brand loyalty in today’s connected society. At the end of the day, you want to connect with your consumers as much as possible, through all channels and devices, at all times.

What’s more, instead of giving generic gifts to consumers, brands should give them what they really want like and consume every day in their digital lives, such as their favorite song, movie or game.