Check out iTunes Codes for Business!

Check out iTunes Codes for Business!
iTunes Gift Code to use as marketing incentives and rewards

We’ve released an iTunes Codes for Business portal to provide marketers with the most simple and advanced end-to-end tools to deliver iTunes Codes instantly. Businesses can now pursue a frictionless path to ordering and distributing iTunes Codes for a myriad of promotions and incentive based programs.

In fact, iTunes Codes are the perfect incentives for shopper marketing, loyalty programs, employee recognition, online promotions, and much more. Each code is redeemable for music, movies, TV shows, games, apps and more on the iTunes Store, the iBooks Store, the App Store and the Mac App Store.

Nowadays, consumers are craving more digital content and iTunes is one of the most popular provider. That’s why more and more marketers are leveraging iTunes Codes as rewards to boost their acquisition and retention campaigns.

iTunes Codes delivery is protected by Ifeelgoods’ best-in-class fraud management system that has proved itself on 30+ million secure reward deliveries so far. Additionally, Ifeelgoods is already integrated with 40+ popular applications and CRM tools such as Facebook, Salesforce, Mailchimp & Zendesk to allow iTunes codes distribution directly through them. Finally, platform users can track iTunes Codes redemption through a powerful tracking dashboard to easily monitor their campaign in real-time. Hosted by Ifeelgoods advanced technology, this new B2B e-gifting portal for iTunes Codes offers the most seamless tools available to safely and seamlessly distribute valuable codes.

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