In Search of Millennial Engagement

In Search of Millennial Engagement
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In Search of Millennial Engagement: How to Stand Out in the Era of the ‘Always on Consumer’?

With the advent of new developments in technology comes a new type of consumer—the “always on consumer.” Defined by Forrester as “a consumer that uses three connected devices every day, goes online multiple times a day and does so from at least three different locations”, and with the number of AOC’s rising to 48% of the population, up from 25% in 2010, the challenge of how to successfully capture a consumer’s attention on those new channels becomes more important than ever before to address.

Traditional ads featuring offers and coupons are seeing more diminished results in terms of audience reach. There’s simply far too many of them to be efficient, too many messages that flood users daily for one to break through the din and stand out, leading to the idea that if ad saturation in the market is to be conquered its best chance will be through a close investigative look into the habits of the AOC social butterflies.

How can marketers manage to cut through such saturated ad markets in order to genuinely connect with their audiences?

If today’s end consumers are quite literally always on – whether it’s on iTunes or Google Play Store, or purchasing on – then it follows the best possible way to get their attention is to address by leveraging those aforementioned channels.

According to a new survey from covered yesterday by The Washington Post, millennials are consuming more and more electronic gift cards. The survey reports that 14 percent of 18- to 29 year-olds say they’ve given or received a mobile gift card. (Read full article here). Millennials covet popular digital items like songs, movies, games, ebooks, online magazine subscriptions, e-gift cards and much more —the type of digital rewards we know and love to distribute here at Ifeelgoods.

Ifeelgoods has built a catalog of over 100,000 electronic gift cards, spanning every category imaginable and collecting the most popular rewards (Amazon, Target, Google Play, iTunes and more). It is designed to combat the clutter of saturated ad markets and promotions by offering users items they’ll love that go beyond traditional discounts and coupons to truly engage their audiences.

We’ve created a new approach with the millennial in mind, something that can especially be seen in our work with great brands like Conde Nast, for instance.

Conde Nast Campaign

To test the waters we decided to offer each new Vanity Fair subscribers their choice of Amazon or iTunes gift cards, a promotion that we pitted against a control offer gifting users a tote bag. Needless to say, the gift cards were wildly popular with users, boasting an increased conversion rate of 48% against the control (Read Case Study Here).

Not only was the distribution of the digital reward seamless, requiring no handling or shipping fees, but it’s the kinds of reward that are so beloved, users can’t help but express their gratitude by sharing on social media and telling all their friends. And a happy user is more often than not the start of a repeat consumer—or at the very least, a more engaged user, which is a feat in and of itself in today’s millennial driven world.

by Michael Amar, Ifeelgoods’ CEO & co-founder