Ifeelgoods Launches a Rewards Fulfillment API

Ifeelgoods Launches a Rewards Fulfillment API
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Ifeelgoods Launches a Rewards Fulfillment API to allow on-demand e-gifting.

Brands & apps can use Ifeelgoods API to seamlessly reward legitimate users with instant e-gifts.


Palo Alto, December 17th: Ifeelgoods, the leader in digital distribution of branded rewards, today announces the launch of a digital rewards fulfillment API. Brands & apps can now automate and streamline the process of rewarding users for acquisition or engagement purposes, in any vertical: Loyalty, Advertising, E-Commerce, Branded Games, Social Media and more. Marketers can deliver their choice of rewards on-demand from Ifeelgoods' wide catalog of 100,000+ downloadable gifts; with content that ranges from music, movies, e-books, games, e-gift cards and much more.


Jump Ramp Games, a mobile gaming company has integrated with Ifeelgoods' API to boost customer engagement of its Lucktastic game. Lucktastic's winners can exchange their tokens for real rewards within the app. Once they have picked a gift featured on the game’s internal catalog of gifts, they receive an email with the code to redeem their reward. Ifeelgoods' Platform delivers the email instantly upon successful redemption and provides all the reward details such as name, creative, description, redemption instructions and T&C's.


Ifeelgoods takes all the hassle out of rewarding users with multiple rewards: code sourcing & supply, excess of inventory, stock etc. Now, we enjoy a seamless solution to offer our audience multiple rewards, with only one single point of integration”, says Janice Ryan, VP of Product at Jump Ramp Games


Ifeelgoods’ Fulfillment API gives brands access to gifts from the most extensive digital rewards catalog in the world. The portfolio contains gifts from a wide price denomination range (from $0.99 to $2,000) to reward any level of consumer engagement. Moreover, the vast array of options caters to all demographics & categories and includes the most prestigious and popular brands such as Google, Apple & Amazon. This, combined with the availability of rewards in 30+ countries greatly extends the global reach for a brand’s target market.


Ifeelgoods' API is backed by Ifeelgoods' patented technology, which has proved itself over 30+ million of secure rewards delivery worldwide:

  • Rewards Delivery Options: Ifeelgoods' API can either provide raw gift codes, send email including code to legitimate users, or invite a user to a customized gifting experience online to redeem the reward.
  • Multiple Choices of Rewards: Brands have the option to let end-users pick the gift they love best among a pre-selection of gifts.
  • Inventory Management: Ifeelgoods’ API takes the hassle out of dealing with rewards inventory excess or shortage thanks to on-demand access and delivery.
  • Security Measures: Ifeelgoods API has been built for a large range of fraud scenarios and consists of robust fraud detection measures, equally protecting the brand and end-consumers.
  • Pay Per Redemption Model: Brands pay only for rewards that are effectively redeemed by end-consumers and are not charged for eligible users who don’t redeem their gift.

Ifeelgoods’ rewards fulfillment API unlocks & scales the use of rewards & incentives worldwide by removing all the pain points of e-gifting. We took a developer-centric approach for building this API, enabling partners, such as Jump Ramp Games, to deliver value to their customers quickly while still leveraging the extensive feature set of our Platform" says Dali Kilani, Ifeelgoods' CTO.


About Ifeelgoods Ifeelgoods provides a frictionless platform that enables marketers to instantly reward their audiences in a variety of solutions - Commerce, CRM, Social Media, Shopper Marketing, Loyalty and others. Consumers can directly receive rewards from 100+ integrated apps including Facebook, Mailchimp, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, Paypal and Zendesk. Gifts delivered come from Ifeelgoods’ 100,000+ rewards catalog with content that ranges from movies, songs, games, apps, newspaper subscriptions, and gift cards. Brands like Walmart, Gap, L’Oreal and 150 other clients have used the Ifeelgoods platform to boost customer acquisition and retention. Learn more: http://www.ifeelgoods.com/

About Jump Ramp Games

Jump Ramp Games is the first to deliver a new mobile rewards experience to consumers on their smartphones. Players come back daily to engage with our fun casual games while discovering new rewards, winning prizes, saving money and unlocking deals. We’re also helping merchants ranging from global brands to local businesses effectively connect and communicate with their customers. Currently, we have over 1 million installs of our first game, Lucktastic. Learn more at www.jumprampgames.com