Ifeelgoods Launches Instant Digital Gifting with Zendesk

Ifeelgoods Launches Instant Digital Gifting with Zendesk
Ifeelgoods Gifting App

Ifeelgoods Launches Instant Digital Gifting with Zendesk Customer Service Platform

Seamless solution enables customer support teams to offer enticing digital gifts as an apology gesture or simply to thank customers, thus significantly improving customer satisfaction index scores.

Palo Alto, November 20th: Ifeelgoods, the leading digital rewards delivery platform, today announced the launch of its integration with leading cloud-based customer service software Zendesk. The Ifeelgoods Gifting App will be available for download on Zendesk’s marketplace immediately (http://www.zendesk.com/apps/ifeelgoods-gifting). Built for Zendesk and backed by Ifeelgoods’ seamless digital gifting technology, the app enables Customer Support teams to instantly send a digital gift to end consumers, as compensation, or as a simple thank-you in order to improve satisfaction scores.

The wide range of gift types (including music, movies, magazines, gift cards and more) and denominations in Ifeelgoods’ catalog (100,000+ items from $1 to $1,000) provides maximal flexibility to cover any possible customer support ticket: shipping delays, bug reports, feedback… All gifts are 100% digital: they are directly integrated in the conversation with the support agent. The app is directly available in Zendesk tickets and is very easy to use: agents simply select a gift, customize the message, and press send. End-consumers can then immediately redeem and use their reward. Ifeelgoods’ technology tracks whether the gift was claimed by the end- consumer, thereby enabling brands to pay only for the gifts redeemed.

As most of Make Me Reach clients are recurring customers, building stronger relationships and ensuring satisfaction is crucial”, says Pierre François Chiron, CEO at Make Me Reach. “The Ifeelgoods Gifting App has enabled us to boost our satisfaction scores by 8 points, in a cost-efficient way and without any integration.

Our goal with this Zendesk integration is to provide brands with a seamless tool to increase retention by delighting their customers“, says Michael Amar, CEO at Ifeelgoods. “By proactively addressing a consumer’s request with a digital gift they like, our clients gain formidable advocates that will tell their friends about their experience and come back for more business.

About Ifeelgoods
Ifeelgoods provides a frictionless platform that enables marketers to instantly reward their audiences in a variety of solutions – Commerce, CRM, Social Media, Shopper Marketing, Loyalty and others. Consumers can directly receive rewards from 100+ integrated apps including Facebook, Mailchimp, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, Paypal and Zendesk. Gifts delivered come from Ifeelgoods’ 100,000+ rewards catalog with content that ranges from movies, songs, games, apps, newspaper subscriptions, and gift cards. Brands like Walmart, Gap, L’Oreal and 150 other clients have used the Ifeelgoods platform to boost customer acquisition and retention.
Learn more: http://www.ifeelgoods.com/

About Make Me Reach
MakeMeReach is the booster of your marketing performances on social media. From creation, to optimization and measurement, MakeMeReach provides a best-in-class automation platform for marketing or agency teams. Several awards winner for its innovative features especially on mobile marketing, the MakeMeReach platform is used by hundreds of clients around Europe and the Middle-East such as BMW, IKEA, Match.com, or Privalia. Created in 2009, MakeMeReach is one of the only official certified partner by both Facebook and Twitter.
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