Ifeelgoods launches a New Personalized Offers Platform

Ifeelgoods launches a New Personalized Offers Platform
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Ifeelgoods Makes Marketing Rewarding with New Personalized Offers Platform

Breakthrough solution enables marketers to instantly match, test and distribute enticing rewards to consumers to boost engagement and conversion

Palo Alto, CA – March 3, 2014 – Ifeelgoods, the pioneer in personalized offers, today introduced a breakthrough platform and unique ecosystem that allows brands to replace tired offers and intrusive ads with exciting, relevant rewards. Until now, marketers could optimize every element of the ad unit except the most critical component: the promotion itself. Now, with today’s debut of Ifeelgoods new frictionless platform, they are able to create multiple and relevant offers to incent, convert and reward their audiences.

Ifeelgoods is introducing a revolutionary new way for brands to engage with their customers,” explains Michael Amar, Ifeelgoods co-founder and CEO. “By stressing value and appreciation rather than cost savings, brands rewarding users with personalized offers stand out from the pack and create memorable connections to consumers.

Ifeelgoods’ enticing personalized offers, drawn from the industry’s most extensive catalog of 1,000+ rewards including Amazon gift cards, New York Times and Skype subscriptions, movies, music and mobile applications, provide a much greater perceived value at a fraction of the cost of traditional discounts and promotions. As a result, campaigns executed on the Ifeelgoods platform achieve 2X higher clickthrough rates and 30% more sales without eroding margins.

Launching Today: Frictionless Personalized Offers Platform

The Ifeelgoods seamless platform uniquely combines ease of use with enterprise-class features, including:

  • Comprehensive suite of pre-built marketing experiences: Experiences include Advertising with Personalized Offers, Facebook Ads, Retargeted Ads, Loyalty programs and many more. Each Ifeelgoods experience can be customized and integrated into any existing campaign creative within minutes to boost engagement and performance.
  • Robust personalization: Advertisers can match the best reward to the desired target audience by age, gender, category and country, as well as context and device.
  • Real-time analytics: Marketers can monitor activity in real time to push consumers the best performing offers.
  • Powerful inventory management and fraud detection system: Advertisers are spared the time and cost inherent to creating offers.

Disruptive Ecosystem Redesigns the Online Marketing Industry

Together with its marquee partners, Ifeelgoods is building a unique industry ecosystem based on appreciation and value, and creating a virtuous cycle for each stakeholder:

  • Consumers gain the rewards they want most and something cool to share with their friends.
  • Agencies and brand marketers have a new way to supercharge any online or offline campaign with promotions that consumers crave and covet.
  • Marketing and technology providers can integrate digital rewards with their own technology to improve performance of in-store, email, mobile, social, paid search and display campaigns to drive direct sales.
  • Content & gift partners benefit from new distribution and unique visibility.

Our agencies and brands look to us to connect them with companies whose technologies will change the way they connect and engage consumers,” said VivaKi Ventures Managing Director and VivaKi Chief Social Media Officer Michael Wiley. “Ifeelgoods offers a new approach to digital advertising that promises to win over consumers who are tired of sales, discounts and commoditized promotions. Brands can reward consumers with experiences and rewards that resonate personally, driving immediate sales and performance.

About Ifeelgoods

Ifeelgoods enables brands to incent, convert and reward users with personalized offers.Through Ifeelgoods’ frictionless end-to-end platform, marketers can instantly deliver enticing rewards to the customers – anywhere, anytime. Over 150 advertisers (including brands like Walmart, Gap and L’Oreal) have used Ifeelgoods’ catalog of 1,000+ digital rewards including NYTimes subscriptions, Amazon gift cards, movies, music & mobile applications to improve customer acquisition, activation and retention. Founded in 2010, Ifeelgoods’ seasoned management team has deep roots in advertising, payments and retail. The company is based in Palo Alto, California and Paris France and is backed by blue chip investors including IDinvest, Tugboat Ventures, Kima Ventures and Quest Venture Partners.