Ifeelgoods Brings On Rewards Industry Expert Mike Samachisa

Ifeelgoods Brings On Rewards Industry Expert Mike Samachisa
Digital Rewards Expert

Ifeelgoods Brings On Rewards Industry Expert Mike Samachisa

Previous Blackhawk Network digital executive joins Ifeelgoods to become Vice President, Business Development to further expand relationships with reward providers world-wide.

Palo Alto, January 20th: Ifeelgoods, the leading B2B distributor of digital rewards, is pleased to welcome Mike Samachisa as Vice President, Business Development. In this role, he will be responsible for extending Ifeelgoods’ network of rewards world-wide – with a sharp focus in Asia – as well as deepening relationships with existing rewards partners in the US and in Europe. He will be also in charge of further equipping key reward providers with Ifeelgoods’ seamless B2B sales manager to unlock & scale the use of their rewards for B2B opportunities such as marketing promotions, loyalty programs, employee incentives and more.

As the high demand for digital rewards in campaigns and programs continues, we needed someone with an intricate understanding of the digital rewards & gift cards market to effectively manage and extend our portfolio of rewards world-wide,” says Michael Amar, Ifeelgoods CEO & co-founder. “Mike Samachisa’s expertise in the digital rewards space will accelerate the strategic expansion goals that have been set –such as Asia where the market is growing drastically.

Since the launch of its new turnkey digital rewards platform in March 2014, Ifeelgoods has successfully powered hundreds of campaigns in 30+ countries. To date, Ifeelgoods’ catalog includes more than 100,000 digital gifts, with content that ranges from music, movies, games and gift cards from the most popular brands (including iTunes, Google and Amazon).

At Blackhawk Network, I’ve witnessed the technical challenges for brands to implement rewards campaigns & loyalty programs digitally – though the demand for it was flourishing,” says Mike Samachisa. “Ifeelgoods’ technology has proven to be the only scalable platform that provides turnkey solutions for marketers to seamlessly execute digital rewards campaigns & programs. I’m looking forward to join this fast-growing digital loyalty ecosystem.

Over the last twelve years, Mike Samachisa has solidified himself as a proven leader and arguably one of the industry’s experts in helping to pioneer the innovative trend towards digital rewards. He has assisted in the shift from physical to digital of various industries including payments and content, launching new products and services for leading companies, Blackhawk Network, Sony, Konami and Disney. Most recently, as Senior Director of Global Content at Blackhawk Network, he was responsible for launching the Digital Content category throughout a global network of over 150,000 retail doors and across a variety digital platforms including online, mobile and wallets. In this capacity, he was responsible for developing solutions for monetizing content and managing dozens of strategic partnerships with global content providers including Google Play, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, Disney, Groupon and Nintendo.

About Ifeelgoods

Ifeelgoods provides a frictionless platform that enables marketers to instantly reward their audiences in a variety of solutions – Commerce, CRM, Social Media, Shopper Marketing, Loyalty and others. Consumers can directly receive rewards from 100+ integrated apps including Facebook, Mailchimp, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, Paypal and Zendesk. Gifts delivered come from Ifeelgoods’ 100,000+ rewards catalog with content that ranges from movies, songs, games, apps, newspaper subscriptions, and gift cards. Brands like Walmart, Gap, L’Oreal and 150 other clients have used the Ifeelgoods platform to boost customer acquisition and retention. Learn more: http://www.ifeelgoods.com/