Ifeelgoods & Adictiz Box New Partnership

Ifeelgoods & Adictiz Box New Partnership
Ifeelgoods partners up with Adictiz Box

Ifeelgoods & Adictiz Box New Partnership Makes It Easier to Engage and Reward Users

Marketers can now create turnkey branded games and reward winners instantly with enticing gifts.

Palo Alto, California; October 30, 2014: Ifeelgoods penetrates the gamification market through an exciting partnership with Adictiz Box, a SAAS platform providing marketers with tools to create branded apps and games on the web and mobile. Utilizing the new “branded games” solution powered by Ifeelgoods’ robust technology platform, marketers can easily create games for the purpose of engaging their audiences and seamlessly rewarding winners instantly from a multitude of enticing digital gifts.

Marketers can tap into the Ifeelgoods catalog to access these digital gifts from a selection of 100,000+ offers (including music, movies, magazines, gift cards and more), with denominations ranging from $1 to $1,000+ to reward any level of the players’ engagement and allow all kinds of rewarding options from games rewarding every player, to those offering a highly valuable reward to a few winners.

Today on the Ifeelgoods platform Adictiz Box offers more 30+ games and contests catalogue, each of them 100% customizable to any brand’s look and feel. Each game caters to one of the three following objectives: retention (games and activities with recurring actions), engagement (quiz, advergames sweepstakes, and personality tests) and/or acquisition. Ifeelgoods also provides the technology to instantly reward the entitled players.

Ifeelgoods has already successfully designed campaigns leveraging gamification viral potential, such as the one implemented with one of the greatest Hollywood studios to promote its new blockbuster on social media,” says Michael Amar, Ifeelgoods CEO and co-founder. “Thanks to our integration with Adictiz Box, this type of campaign is now available in a few clicks, via a turnkey solution fully customizable to any brand“.

There are two objectives for this partnership. First, end-consumers are delighted with exclusive gifts they love. Second, marketers earn precious time to craft their campaign and reach higher engagement thanks to alluring rewards”, says Charles Christory, CEO of Adictiz Box.

About Ifeelgoods
Founded in 2010, Ifeelgoods’ worldwide state of the art digital platform allows for marketers to create unique campaigns to reward customers across multiple sectors including commerce, CRM, social media, shopper marketing, loyalty schemes and many more. Marketers can create user experiences using Ifeelgoods’ extensive catalogue of over 100,000+ premium digital offers including music downloads, movies, mobile apps and more, allowing consumers to directly redeem rewards through over 50 integrated apps including Facebook, Mailchimp, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, Paypal and Zendesk. Boasting big name partners and clients like Walmart, Gap and L’Oreal, Ifeelgoods is backed by blue chip investors like IDinvest, Tugboat Ventures, Kima Ventures and Quest Venture Partners.

About Adictiz Box
Adictiz Box is an expert in user engagement through customizable games and contests. We have helped more than 1,000 brands such as Groupon, Orangina and L’Oreal to help them reach, engage and convert their audience, reaching over 10 million users on social networks, desktop and mobile.
In a few clicks, marketers can launched fully branded games among more than 30 different mechanics. They can follow the performance of their campaigns thanks to a robust analytics technology included in the platform and optimize the campaign in real time.
More information: http://box.adictiz.com