Ifeelgoods 6th year anniversary

Ifeelgoods 6th year anniversary
Ifeelgoods 6th anniversary

Ifeelgoods 6th year anniversary is a good opportunity for me to look back on the pivot we took 3 years ago.

Back in 2013, we decided to :

  • Create a platform that would allow marketers to offer a reward in any B2B scenario
  • Create the largest digital catalog available worldwide
  • Opt for an indirect sales strategy by relying on strategic partners that are major players of the gifting industry
    • 3 years later, we have successfully build a solid platform, which had already proven itself and validated our concept by delivering tens of millions of rewards, in over 30 countries, on behalf of some of the world’s largest brands such as Coca Cola, Samsung, McDonalds, Walmart, and many more…

      The platform was designed to cover all B2B gifting scenarios : a company willing to reward their employees, clients or prospects may require. Our campaigns range from employee recognition to lead acquisition, and include branded games, on-pack promotions, as well as branded online portals, which are all fully customizable to our client’s colors.

      Besides providing our own online fulfillment methods, our goal was to be as close as possible to our client’s needs – which is why we decided to develop Gifting Apps on various 3rd parties marketplaces, where the possibility for gifting is a useful option. For example, you can find the Ifeelgoods’ technology in the Salesforce ecosystem, and send a reward to motivate your sales team or a birthday gift to your colleague, directly from your Salesforce account.

      Ifeelgoods Salesforce You can use any of Salesforce filters to create specific campaign terms and eligibility criteria for gifting your customers, employees, leads…

      Besides Salesforce, one of our great CRM-related use cases is the way our client Pinterest is leveraging the Ifeelgoods technology for Customer Support purposes, directly from our integration on Zendesk. Last year, Pinterest launched the buyable pins, a great feature allowing customers to purchase items directly within their social network. They wanted to make the end user journey as seamless as possible, and to avoid the usual traps in which e-commerce websites tend to fall. The quality and responsiveness of their Customer Support was one of their top concerns, and they were looking for a reliable partner to help out with making this part of the customer experience as enjoyable as possible. This is why Pinterest partnered with Ifeelgoods and started using our Gifting App, which allows any of their Support agents to send a gift or a refund on purchase directly within any given Zendesk ticket, with the help of digital prepaid Visa ® cards.

      Ifeelgoods Zendesk The plugin on the right-hand side of the screen allows agents to select the reward they want to offer their customer, and to send directly send it within the assigned Zendesk ticket.

      Ifeelgoods has grown and developed our various services and platform features to allow marketers and brands to rely on a single partner for their campaigns. Be it loyalty, incentivizing, gift with purchase… Instead of going through the hassle of having to manage various agencies and service providers (purchasing the rewards, stocking them in a secure vault, managing the whole fulfillment to the end users, gathering post-promotion statistics, managing the support…), Ifeelgoods now stands as the one stop shop solution, with our bundle of integrated solutions, available for use by anyone, within our platform.

      To me, the best example which can illustrate how easy to use – and valuable to our clients - our platform can be is our dedicated Shopper Marketing experience. In a nutshell, this solution relies on printing winning codes on-pack for specific products. The winners can then log into an online, white-label, Ifeelgoods-hosted website, enter their code, and access a selection of digital gifts for them to choose from. Our client McDonalds’ has for instance relied on this solution to run their Scratch to Win campaign in France. They had printed winning codes on tickets which their customers could scratch when purchasing food or menus at their locations. If the code was valid, customers could log into a website and access a selection of 50+ movies to choose from, which would be automatically added to their Google Play library.

      Ifeelgoods McDonald's

      This year also saw the introduction of physical gifts to our catalog. Reducing the number of intermediaries and pain points in the supply chain as much as possible has been one of our main focuses for 2016. Indeed, the current state of the market, especially when it comes to loyalty programs where brands must maintain a vast catalog of at least 100+ references for their users, is an absolute nightmare. Managing the catalog in real time, coordinating for shipment, maintaining stock at all times and ensuring the product reaches the end user in a decent timeframe is a tough job, which very few players succeed in. This is why we decided to find a shorter, better way: going direct with the most relevant brands. This is how we launched an exclusive partnership for the delivery of Apple physical products, and later on with Decathlon, one of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers.

      We integrated their whole list of physical products to our catalog, and let them do what they do best: manage the fulfillment to the end user, from A to Z, by automatically placing orders on behalf of our clients. This ensures no inventory hassle or customer support heavy load for them – and new business opportunities for our partners

      We created the 1st Cloud based catalog allowing brands to send gifts through email, SMS or at home in one clic without any stock, logistic, shipment…

      We introduced the Apple physical products early this year with a pilot project for our historical client Total, who wanted to add trendy accessories to their catalog, which their customers could exchange against loyalty points. Since them, we have delivered various products such as iPods, iPhones, and many more accessories.

      Along with expanding our rewards catalog and platform features, we have also been quite busy expanding business itself thanks to various partners. Last year, we kicked off our indirect sales strategy with the launch of a partnership with the Japanese conglomerate ITOCHU. One year later, ITOCHU has established strategic partnerships and powered campaigns for the largest Japanese brands: NTT DOCOMO, SOFTBANK, Family Mart, Kirin ...

      We are celebrating our 6th anniversary with style, by announcing a new strategic partnership (here), this time with Group Up, one of the French leaders in the Employee Benefits field. It sells unbanked products and services (checks, cards, mobile applications, web applications, etc.) to facilitate access to food, culture, leisure, education, help in the home, social aid, but also to support companies in managing their business expenses or developing incentive and loyalty programs. The group is present in the daily lives of over 21.3 million people in 17 countries.

      This partnership comes with most auspicious prospects: Ifeelgoods’ technology will be carried and advertised by the whole Group Up’s sales team in France, both to their current clients and prospects. This means a drastic visibility increase for our platform through our partner, to whom we are bringing valuable, digital solutions to enrich an existing portfolio.

      Stick around to find out about our next moves, as Ifeelgoods continues its intense journey!

      Michael Amar