• Games & Entertainment
    Delight your audience with the most enticing games on the market. Target your demographics with popular games of their year range or let them chose their favorite one.
    Denominations:from $0.99 to $500
  • Restaurant
    From casual diners to fancy steak houses, Ifeelgoods’ catalog gathers a large selection of restaurants and food services to delight any demographics and any tastes.
    Denominations:from $5 to $200
  • Music
    Reward users with the music they’re really craving for: jazz, pop, rap, classical music. Songs are the most performing rewards for brands: low-cost with high perceived value.
    Denominations:from $0.99 to $50
  • Sports
    What is more powerful than rewarding sport fans with a gift card from their favorite team? Baseball, Basketball, Soccer fans … we have everything covered.
    Denominations:from $10 to $250
  • Home & garden
    Offer your consumers a gift card to enhance their home and garden: flowers, furniture and more. Those rewards are especially popular with middle-age men and women.
    Denominations:from $10 to $500
  • Travel
    Offer users some miles redeemable on ANY flight companies and sponsor their next holiday travel. Miles are especially powerful among CSP+ demographics.
    Denominations:from $1 to $2,000
  • Health & Beauty
    Ifeelgoods provides a large choice of beauty and spa gifts to help people relax and take care of themselves. Those will seduce women but surprisingly a lot of men too!
    Denominations:from $5 to $1,000
  • Movies & cinema
    Invite users to watch the movie they will love. If you’re not sure of their tastes, let them pick their favorite movie among a pre-selection of movies.
    Denominations:from $1.99 to $50
  • Shopping
    Offer gift cards from the most popular brands in the world. From JC Penney to Abercrombie, everybody will find the clothes that match their life-style.
    Denominations:from $5 to $2,000
  • Reading
    Give you consumer access to the content they love to read: ebooks, emagazines, newspapers etc. We have content for every taste and demographics.
    Denominations:from $5 to $35
  • Communication
    Whether it is online credits through Skype or the latest iPhone; those rewards will seduce anyone. 100% delight – anywhere in the world!
    Denominations:from $10 to $2,000

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