5 years later we feel great #birthday #milestone #japan

5 years later we feel great #birthday #milestone #japan

5 years later we feel great #birthday #milestone #japan

In June 2010 we launched the company with the vision of transforming the way businesses gift their consumers, clients or employees. The free – one size fits all – toaster or coffee machine doesn’t speak anymore to the customer who is immersed in a digital life and craves much more for instant and digital content such as a music streaming subscriptions, an ebook or a digital currency.

Last week was our 5 year anniversary. And it was a great one. We officially announced on Thursday June, 18th a strategic partnership with ITOCHU Corporation, the third-largest industrial conglomerate in Japan.

ITOCHU is licensing our technology in Japan to implement rewards campaigns for enterprises in the advertising, airline, automotive, financial services, retail and telecommunications sectors, which will reach in aggregate tens of millions of consumers. ITOCHU expects to generate a billion dollars in gross revenues through our platform within the next 3 years.

This is a great milestone for Ifeelgoods, as we will be able to significantly scale our platform in the region with the support of the best possible partner.

Most importantly, it is an unprecedented step forward for the rewards industry. For the first time ever, one single platform – embraced by one of the largest conglomerates in the world – will power all types of rewards campaigns and programs to meet the fast-growing demand in Japan whose market for sales promotion is estimated at 60 billion USD – as large as the online advertising industry.

This strategic partnership takes place only one-year after the launch of our new platform. Since then, we have securely distributed 30 million rewards in 30+ countries for the world’s greatest brands, including Samsung, McDonald’s and Coca Cola.

This demonstrates that our belief in the power of digital incentives is shared by leading companies worldwide and we’re convinced that together we can significantly help propel customer acquisition, customer retention and employee motivation. By powering more rewarding experiences, we can successfully strengthen bonds between people and companies.

I wanted to sincerely thank the team and friends who made it possible for Ifeelgoods to set up a deal of such magnitude. We are more than ever determined to continue to grow the company and expand to more regions. Stay tuned for the many other partnerships to come!

Thanks all for your support and trust.

Michael Amar, Ifeelgoods’ CEO & co-founder