5 Ways to Reward Loving Consumers This Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Reward Loving Consumers This Valentine’s Day
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5 Ways to Reward Loving Consumers This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is fast approaching, and while you may find yourself scrambling to pick up some roses to gift your sweetie with, marketers have a different idea in mind when it comes to gifting. Whether it be through instantly redeemable digital rewards or more traditional physical gifts, marketers can utilize a variety of tools to create heartfelt ways to give back to loyal consumers everywhere, creating a reciprocity between brand and consumer that embodies the true spirit of giving. Here are a few examples on how smart marketers keep their fan bases going strong:
1. Gamification

A trend that’s rapidly on the rise, gamification is the use of applications turned into interactive games that prompt users to complete a specific task. It’s a trend that’s grown in popularity because of it’s ability to build brand loyalty, making it an invaluable tool for any brand looking to inspire engagement in users.

One example of gamification in action is Hallmark’s “Love for All Seasons” Valentine’s sweepstakes in which users are presented with a gamified application to play. After completing the entry form participants were then allowed to play a short “Count the Kisses” game to earn additional entries for a total of up to 5 a day. By setting up an interactive game like this, Hallmark managed to go the extra mile to reward their customers while spending virtually nothing–a win win in any marketer’s book.

2. The Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes held on social media channels pose a myriad of benefits ranging from basic brand awareness to bringing in potential new customers and obtaining valuable CRM data from users. Of particular note are contests that allow for social sharing, such as Great American Cookies’ “Valentine’s for Life” Facebook sweepstakes in which winners receive a free cookie cake every year for 30 years. Users fill out a form on the site and are then invited to share with friends, with each additional share generating a new entry, a strategy which helps to build virality around the brand. The winner is then offered 30 individual gift cards to redeem their cookie cake each year–talk about a sweet deal!



3. Personal Messaging

A common problem brands face today is how to cross the brand/consumer gap to make real connections with people. The mighty JetBlue decided to tackle this problem on Valentine’s Day last year by using an oft-neglected weapon in the marketer’s arsenal: the customized message.

The company first received a Valentine’s message through Twitter, complete with a customized image made by the user. They then responded through a cryptic tweet of their own…

Customized Tweet

before going on to completely win the hearts of consumers everywhere:

Customized Badge

JetBlue responded to the original Tweet by designing a custom badge for the user as part of their Badges program, a program that “rewards loyalty members with digital badges–that often come along with additional reward points–for completing various tasks such as booking flights, flying to particular destinations, interacting with the program’s partners and sharing activity via social media.”

The program allows users to redeem their digital points for a wide array of rewards ranging from smaller items like magazine subscriptions to getaway vacations and round trip flights.


4. Rewarding Check-ins

Marketers have a seemingly unending array of options to choose from when it comes to digitally rewarding consumers without breaking the bank. One of these rewards methods is for check ins, in which consumers are rewarded with small digital gifts for checking in to a selected retailer. The main backer for check ins is Foursquare, who managed to show us true social media finesse in their Valentine’s Day campaign last year.

To promote the film Valentine’s Day, Foursquare offered a series of romantic “hints” in each major city the film was playing. Whoever managed to successfully get the hint and managed to check in at a theater to see the film was rewarded with a special Valentine’s badge–the likes of which has since become a collector’s item, as it has since no longer been available to the general public.

Valentine's Check in
5. Loyalty Programs

What better way to reward your consumer than to reward them for things they do every day? Citi’s brilliant ThankYou plan promises to do exactly that–to reward users for everyday purchases–and has done so with great aplomb so far. But members will find that it’s extra helpful on Valentine’s Day, with users able to redeem ThankYou points for essentials like flowers and chocolates.

Loyalty Rewards

They also have the option to redeem points for gift cards, and my does Citi have a wide range of options to choose from. Everything from movie theater tickets to restaurant gift cards is covered, making this program one of the best in terms of giving back to the consumer.

It’s the kind of idea we here at Ifeelgoods believe in deeply. We make it our mission to provide brands with enticing digital rewards in an attempt to show users just how much we care, helping consumers fall more in love with brands everywhere. And with a catalog of over 100,000 digital rewards, there’s something in there for everybody to love. Whether it’s a free gift card with purchase or a loyalty program that rewards check ins, we believe that Valentine’s shouldn’t be the only day of the year to show some love–it should be an everyday kind of thing.